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I hope the images on this site evoke the same emotional response for you as they do for me. My photography style is to capture iconic landscapes, cityscapes and wildlife with a flair for the dramatic. It’s all about that fiery sunset, that 4 am hike in search of a stunning sunrise and that remote idyllic beach that makes your heart skip a beat. If you walk away from this site just a bit more excited about the beauty in nature and the wonder of travel, I will be thrilled.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson

I was a late bloomer to the art & science of photography. In my late 20s, I had my first opportunity to do extended independent travel. I was so proud to have chosen the ‘right camera’ for my seven month journey through India, Nepal and Thailand: a point and shoot Panasonic LUMIX.

What was I thinking?!

During the trip, I came across many stunning scenes: parting storms high in the Himalayas, breathtaking sunsets in magical Kerala and heavenly beaches in Thailand. Every time, I was disappointed in how poorly the camera performed in capturing the majesty of nature. After the trip, I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D90. Since that day, I have devoted myself to becoming an eager student of photography,constantly improving on my technical and artistic capabilities by voraciously reading and diligently practicing my skills, in the hopes of creating just one more image that transports the viewer to a moment of awe.

“The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above

The true love affair though, has not been with photography; it has been with the great outdoors. Photography is a means to capture a fleeting moment of brilliance in nature, with the severe limitations of two-dimensional media. On a recent trip, we were in the Canadian Rockies enjoying a break from urban life. At 445 AM the alarm sounded, and we were off on a 50-mile drive to the trailhead of a short hike to Peyto Lake for sunrise. The road was empty and the mountains were a dark silhouette in the pre-dawn light. We reached the parking lot as the day broke and I did a final gear check before the hike. Photography gear -check! Bear spray – check! Food and water (I get hungry after the adrenaline of photography runs off) – check! The clean and cold mountain air was filled with the sweet and spicy smell of pine. It was eerily quiet – no birds, chipmunks or tourists. At the end of the hike was a view like we had never seen before: a magnificent turquoise lake absolutely still, surrounded by endless pine forests and snow capped mountains. In the distance the glacier fed the lake through epic waterfalls. Mist shrouded groups of pine trees. The sun broke through the horizon and the tops of the peaks lit up in gold. The puffy clouds hanging over the distant forests changed colors with this fleeting morning light show… A smile erupted on my face and I was absolutely mesmerized; that memory will forever remain with me. See the image.

I hope that you can share in the magic and grandeur of moments like that by enjoying my Limited Edition Prints in your homes. Thanks again for appreciating my photography.


Current Gear
A really dependable alarm clock!
Nikon D800
Nikon 16-35 mm F4
Nikon 24-70 mm F2.8
Nikon 70-200 mm F4
Gitzo GT1542 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead and Panoramic Gear
Lee Filters
Numerous CF cards, cable releases, bags.

Do you have your first DSLR but are daunted by the 400 page manual? Do you want to have a framework for learning basic and advanced techniques so that you can move on from taking snapshots in Auto mode? Do you have a good understanding of your camera and photography but need help with advanced techniques like mastering panoramic photography, manual exposure and bracketing etc? Use the Contact Page to schedule a 1 hour ($150) or 2 hour ($250) session to take your photography skills to the next level. Lessons also make an excellent gift! I offer one-on-one lessons in New York City on Saturdays and Sundays.

100% of the proceeds from lessons will be donated to Panthera – Save The Tiger Fund. They are fighting a daunting battle to save wild tigers from extinction and can use our support.