Image Quality

The small images you see on this website look fine on a computer screen, but the image doesn’t become an art form until it is printed on the highest quality photographic paper by expert craftsmen. The prints are made from extremely high resolution files that contain a tremendous amount of detail; detail that cannot be appreciated on a low resolution digital screen.

I include the example below from my Image “Fire on the Mountain” to illustrate just how much detail goes unnoticed in a small web-sized file.


The first crop shows a side view of the impressive Fay Glacier.


This is the standard web version of the “Fire on the Mountain”. Compare the boxes 1 & 2 to their crops and you will have an idea of the level of details in the actual image.

The second crop shows the beautiful Lake Moraine boathouse. The two examples are actually less than 100% crops of the actual image. This is roughly the amount of detail you can expect in one of my larger prints (30 inches x 45 inches). Of course, the detail will look even better on the silver halide photo paper than it does on the computer screen!